Selfies and Snowboards

So this weekend was a pretty great weekend. I had off of work on Friday and decided to take some selfies. I’m not one to take many selfies of myself, but on Friday I was having a good hair day, I played around with my makeup and actually liked it, so I decided to document that victorious moment.

The first one has no edits, 2&3 only have filters added and the last one was a filter and mirror effect. I’m not that skilled at photoshop to do any other type of editing. Also all pictures were edited on PicMonkey. All pictures taken on my Nikon D5300.

Then on Saturday I took Cherry snowboarding. It was her 20th birthday on Friday and I thought, what better way to bring in your 20s than to learn to snowboard! I booked a lesson with a wonderful teacher (i think her name was Jenny…not sure…i forgot) and we learned the basics.

After only falling a few times and catching on pretty quickly, according to our instructor, we decided to take a few runs down the hill before heading out for some lunch. Learning to snowboard (properly) was one of my favorite things to do. I snowboarded a few times when I was 15 but never actually learned techniques, so this was a real treat! I think Cherry and I can both agree that snowboarding will quickly become one of our newest favorite activities!

First picture stolen from Cherry’s instagram, 2&3 were taken on my iphone.


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