Boy Hero Interview

Boy Hero is an LA based post hardcore band thats on the rise in their music scene. I’ve done some reviews for them in the past and was pleased to have a chat with singer Dan Rudd to learn more about the group and their music.

How did you meet the other members in the group?
Through different music ventures. It comes down to just friends, meeting people through other shows and bands.

It seems like there was a name change from Kings to Boy Hero? Why is that?
We originally were Kings and we had a logo and everything planned out for that. And what ended up happening was that there was another band that put out a logo that we were going to use right when we were going to launch everything. So we had to come up with something different.

The story behind Boy Hero is that Ben came up with it through a different project name that he never used. And being on the spot we had to use something so we went with it. But as time went on past that point, for me, it took the meaning of going it alone and doing it yourself. Don’t sit there and wait for the phone ring just go out there and make as much happen as you can on your own.

Let’s talk about the self titled EP, what was the writing and recording process like?
The writing process was where I had written a bunch of songs before the band was even a thing. I was kind of getting back into music from stepping away for a year or so. Then Jason, the original drummer, had produced the entire album. It was a thing where we were both new to LA and it just started off just demoing some stuff in my bedroom. It just came together.

You collaborated with Tyler Carter of Issues on the song “Desperate”, how did that fall into place?
That song was from my old band that was never released. So I rewrote it to fit the style of Boy Hero. I’ve been friends with Tyler for like 6 years or so I just asked him if he was interested in doing it and he was all for it.

What are the meanings behind the titles “10912” and “Vivian Grey”?
“10912” is actually a date. If you separate the numbers it ends up being in October and is actually the day my best friend growing up died. That song is my story of what I felt like happened. There are more songs that are about that, but this is kind of the start. I didn’t know how to title that track, because it was a really tough one to write. Its my feelings and I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was being disrespectful in any way.

“Vivian Grey” is definitely a metaphor. It started out as an inside joke. We used it as a way of saying “don’t be a baby” or “don’t be stupid” and the song just took shape around someone who was like that. So it was like a joke that became sort of like a real thing.

Recently you’ve released, “Last One” and “Stay Away”. What are those songs about?
Basically I had an idea to do a Halloween themed EP and I’ve been working on that for the past year and a half or so. We are still in the process of editing and mixing it right now, but I just wanted to put out some new music. So these songs are going to be a little darker, heavier or intense but its still going to fit the music and be fun.

It’ll have moments where, what me and my friends like to call, stank face moments, where you’re just like “oh yeah.” And those songs will be going on the EP, but we are still in the process of editing and getting things mixed and possibly adding more songs. But theres no release date set for it yet but hopefully around October at the latest.

If you could put together a dream tour or collaboration, who would be included?
My dream collaboration would be to write lyrics and vocals with Gerard Way or Bert McCracken. I would love to do work with Matt Good, the guitarist of From First to Last, or something with Ryan Key of Yellowcard. There are so many people that I look up to and would love to just sit in a session with them or work with them. I would take away so much from an opportunity like that.

I would love for there to be a tour of My Chemical Romance and The Used. I would kill to open for something like that. But a dream tour would be to tour with friends of mine. I would love to open for Issues or One Ok Rock, or with my friend Dakota who is in Blindwish. Just to hang out with my friends and play music everyday.

What would you say are the highlights of 2017 for you? What can we look forward to for 2018?
Highlights of this past year is just getting going on the EP. It was a huge step for me, personally, to get back in the saddle because I was kind of in a writers block for a while. I just wasn’t feeling anything, but I found new forms of inspiration from things that I like and started bringing life experiences into those stories.

Next year, I wanna tour and release the EP. I don’t want to set the bar too high, I just want to work as much as I can and try to get out there and get on a tour hopefully. I’m going to try and do some more videos and make that a regular thing, and just try to do as much writing as possible and work on our craft and get better.


Boy Hero’s current self-titled EP is available on iTunes for purchase as well as Spotify.

You can find Boy Hero at all the link below.


Scott St. Louis Interview

Scott St. Louis is an artist with a message to tell and with his new single “I Think You’re Beautiful” his story-telling comes to life. I had the opportunity to talk with Scott St. Louis about his music and what inspires him.

Tell me what you’re new single, I Think You’re Beautiful, is about.

I was in a past relationship with someone who had an eating disorder. And it was tragic because you could tell them that they are beautiful but they wouldn’t believe you because they don’t see that. And it was through that process that I realized that a lot of people feel that way. Society tells you that you have to dress a certain way or have certain things for people to accept you. So the message of the song is that you are beautiful the way you are. Its much more beautiful when people like who they are and are confident and comfortable with themselves.

What was the concept for the video?

When I sat down with the director I told him that I didn’t want to video to be about me. I wanted it to have a purpose and the purpose had to represent the message of the song. So he came up with the concepts and I came up with the little messages you see in the video. When you look at the book and the title says two separate things based off who was looking at it. I wanted it to be like when someone tells you that you’re beautiful, you don’t hear it that way, you hear something negative. And it happens to everyone, guys and girls, and I wanted the message to be portrayed in the video.

I hear a lot of different styles in your voice, what are you inspired by?

I don’t know, I listen to a lot of different stuff. I am inspired by whatever moves me at the time. I’ve been compared to a lot of different people but no one can really put their finger on it. But, I don’t know my favorite artists goes in and out. More recently its been Tom Petty, the drummer for the Heartbreakers plays on my album so I’ve been around them a lot. But I like Snow Patrol, The Struts, the Foo Fighters, but really whatever moves me at the time. I need to feel it in order for me to like it.

What kind of messages do you like to send out through your music?

Its really all across the board. I do try to stay away from politics and typically it would come out of anger for me from both sides of the spectrum. But every song that I write its the way that I process how I’m feeling and say what I want to say. So songwriting is like therapy for me. I look at the song as a painting from a moment in time; starting with a sketch and then adding color to it until it touches me. Because if I can feel it, then I feel like others can feel it as well.

After being in the business for quite a few years, what is something that you’ve learned?

The main thing that I learned is that you have to really love what you do. If you are going into it for money or for fame then you are going to be in for a huge disappointment. I have to learn how to be a fan again. At several points I had to learn how to be a fan again and go and support and be part of a music community. As opposed to trying to be a rock star or anything for me. I really didn’t want this record to be about me but that hopefully someone out there will listen to it and it will help them through something that they are going through. But overall, one thing I would say to people going into this is to be a fan, learn to be a fan and love what you do.

What can we expect to see from you in 2018?

We have another record coming out, but sooner than that we are going to be releasing another video for the song “Does Anyone Know the Way.” Its going to be a concept where we follow around a homeless veteran family and we try to get them back on their feet. Its going to be more documentary style because I don’t want it to be about me. I want it to be about focusing on trying to help people. But probably at the end of the year we will release the album, but in the spring of 2018 we will be going on a tour but nothing set in stone yet; or at least nothing that I can confirm yet.


You can watch the video for “I Think You’re Beautiful” here.
And be sure to follow Scott St. Louis on all his social medias linked below.

CD Baby

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Sages Interview

Sages is a Rock band from Sacramento, California who pulls inspiration from legends like Metallica, Deftones, and more. Their current single, “Matter of Time” is out right now, and I had the opportunity to chat with member Dino about the song and what’s in store for Sages’ future.

What is the song, “Matter of Time” all about?

It’s inspired by what is going on today. There has been a lot of truths coming out lately and a lot of people are waking up to these truths. I’ve just noticed that people, myself included, are picking up on all of it as well. And it’s only a matter of time until sh*t goes down, basically.

Do you do most of the writing or is it more of a collaboration with all the members?

I did most of the writing in the first couple of years. But “Matter of Time” and a few songs before that have all been collaborative efforts.

Will we be seeing these songs on an EP or full length soon?

We are actually going out to Vegas on the first of next month to work on a few songs. And hopefully putting out an EP in the first quarter of next year.

The song “Matter of Time” is being played in fitness gyms throughout November and December, how did that transpire?

I’m not sure. Our publicist, he just hit us up one day and said “Good News!” and it’s being featured in like 4,000 gyms across the country. I have no clue how he landed that but we are all pretty stoked about it.

Tell me about the music video, who directed it and where was it shot?

We shot the music video in our rehearsal studio. My buddy, Kelly Smith, who is a jack of all trades and does everything, just came out and did it himself. His production company, Eye45 Productions, produced it and we had some lights and fog machines and it was super gnarly. It was in the middle of summer and there was no AC in there, it was a crazy experience. We did it in a day and it was pretty cool.

I see you’re doing a lot of one off shows here and there, are there any plans for a tour?

Oh yea! I can’t say right now exactly what is in store. But it is pretty massive and the tentative plans we have right now looks like end of April/May we will be out on tour. We are kind of prepping right now to get all this wrapped up and done by spring time and hopefully be out on tour.

If you could craft the perfect tour line up, who would be on the list?

Oh gosh! For me personally, and I say it all the time, definitely Metallica and definitely the Deftones. Right now, a band that I’ve been listening to forever would be Story of the Year. They are about to drop a new record and I’ve been listening to some of their stuff and all their singles they’ve been dropping are awesome! But 30 Seconds to Mars would be cool too, and Periphery.

Do you believe that it’s important to listen to different genres of music to absorb different technics or should someone just stick to one lane?

I think its absolutely, for me, a better situation to take inspiration from all angles. There are certain progressions in our music that are pulled from inspirations from all over. I can take stuff from meditation music and jazz fusion music and make it something that is Sages. But definitely, being diverse in that helps you grow as a musician.

You signed to We Keep Rocking Productions, how did you land that deal?

The owner of the company is out of Sacramento area and he was at a Sages show. He really like the band and we were talking for a year and a half. We kind of lost touch a little bit from being busy on both ends. But some time later we got back in touch and we signed with him and we are all really excited to see what will happen. There are a lot of really cool things in store and I wish I could just spill the beans but I can’t! A typical story, but really cool and we are excited to be working with Rob Snyder.

What is the plan right now other than going to Vegas to record?

Basically we are just working on new songs. We do have one show before the end of the year. But we are just preparing to hit the ground running after the start of the year.

What is something you’ve learned since starting your journey in music?

After being about knee deep in the industry for about 12 years, I’ve learned a lot of things. But one thing is that I’ve learned is that yes there is a lot of bullsh*t, but there is the flip side that is true. There are genuinely good people who care about you and your band and who are here to help you. Not only to help make money, but they are there to help inspire people too. There is a lot of music that is manufactured to sell and not inspire, and its just soul crushing. But a lot of artists don’t care, they’re like just put us on tour. There’s a lot of bad people and there’s a lot of good people out there too.


You can listen to Sages’ song “Matter of Time” here.

Be sure to follow Sages on their social media platforms below.

Chris Hornbrook Interview

Chris Hornbrook is a professional drummer whose works include Poison the Well, Senses Fail and recently Dhani Harrison. I had the opportunity to chat with Chris about his career.

How did you get started with drumming?

I grew up around it. My dad was a bass player so there was tons of music around the house. At about 7 I started playing guitar, it was cool but I just didn’t like it that much. I then messed around with other instruments like alto saxphone. Then when I was in 12 I had a friend that was selling a drumset and I just kind of messed around with it a bit and just fell in love. So I convinced my parents to cough up $200 to buy it for me. Then from there I just started learning as much as I could.

Since you were a fan of the 90s music scene in Seattle, and Dave Grohl being one of your inspirations, would you say you are a Nirvana fan?

Yea, Nirvana was kind of the band that did it for me. I think that’s common for people my age and hearing Nevermind was pretty cool for me. But I really fell in love with In Utero that was the record that I heard and was like “whoa what is this?” It was so dark and everything was live. Like Kurt Cobain’s guitar was a scratch track. I just really liked how it was all put together.

When did playing in bands start for you? Was there anything before Poison the Well?

There was. There was a punk band that I was in, and that was my first real band. Before that it was just jamming with kids from high school and friends. Then I joined Poison the Well in the end of 1997/1998 and I was in it until hiatus in 2009. But, yea I was with Poison the Well during most of their entire incarnation.

So then what was the timeline of bands since Poison the Well?

As Poison the Well, our old guitarist started a band so I did some session with him and recorded some stuff. Then after that I moved to California and started jamming with friends here but never got anything going. Then I met a guy that was doing the final pressing for a band called Big Black Delta. Just really great, well done electronic pop music and I did some touring with them. But when that cycle ended that’s when I started doing Senses Fail. But between then I did some odds and ends stuff here and there, but now from Senses Fail I went into playing for Dhani Harrison. But I’m still jumping back and forth from Sense Fail and Dhani Harrison, its just that Senses Fail isn’t doing stuff right now.

While working with Dhani Harrison, who has a different style than your previous work, how did you work with that change?

It was taking a lot of queues off of what he wanted. So he had programmed some stuff and then other people programmed some stuff and so it was a lot of layering. When he played me the tracks it was just learning what he wanted from me. There were 4 or 5 tracks going at the same time and as a human, I couldn’t do that…I only have 2 arms and 2 legs. So it was taking what he gave me and turning it into something I could play and still being what he wanted. It was more so, “What are you looking for?” Every band is different, some want it exactly how its written and some don’t mind if you add a bit of yourself into it.

Luckily for me he just lets me do what I want. Because he knows I’ll stay within the perimeters of the song. We would just kind of sit down and work on some stuff because it was just a matter of taking an electronic record and putting into a live setting, which I had a lot of experience doing.

How long did you have to prepare for this tour with Dhani Harrison?

We did a bunch of stuff leading up to this tour. So we had a few weeks of rehearsal to play around and get the songs to where we wanted them for those shows and then when we came back I had like a week off. Then we went back into rehearsals do so a radio show and we went back in and started preparing again. Then it was just some shows here and some time off. Until we came back and started preparing for this tour. So we have been in and out for the past 2 to 3 months. And each time we came back and tweaked some things and everyone in the rehearsal room would add something. And Dhani would be there and add some things and just kind of guide it a bit, but he trusts all of us.

What is in the future after this tour ends?

When this ends, there’s talk about some more stuff with Dhani and then there’s also talk about some stuff with Senses Fail. But, nothing is certain yet, its just all up in the air. So I will have some time off to just kind of recollect and handle some personal affairs. But its also one of those things where I’m always on my toes because I could get a call either Dhani or Senses Fail and so its like I’m starting to relax but not too much.

Do you think in the future you would continue jumping between projects or do you think you’ll stick with one group?

Ideally I would like to balance back and forth. But realistically it makes it difficult because sometimes conflicts come up where I have to choose one on priority. So in an ideal world I would stick with one band that could support be financially and keep me in a position where I’m happy and musically challenging. I don’t know how realistic that is because of the way the world works. So the realistic response is that I will be bouncing back and forth between a few things.

You’ve been staying in the same lane musically with your drumming. Is there a genre of music or artist that you would like to drum for?

Well that’s a tricky question. I don’t want to say that I’m closed off to the ideal of doing something else, but I’ve come to the realization that I’m a fan of songs. I like being a song crafter, I like being with people who have a story to tell. That is the most appealing thing to me. I don’t like jazz, it doesn’t appeal to me. Same with Latin, there are elements of those genres that I like and maybe one day will implement those but I like really great songs. Whether it be in a pop format or another, I just really like songs. Maybe that’s why I stayed in the lane I did because I like crafting songs. Like with Dhani its more of his scoring. Then you have elements of The Beatles, because of the obvious, but then it has the electronic element because he really likes a lot of electronics. So at the end of the day he writes really cool songs, and that’s what I like.

If you could pick any moment(s) throughout your career, what would be the ones that stick out to you?

Favorite moments would be first with Poison the Well, doing our first major label release. It was extremely exciting, we drove from Florida to California and tracked the record with people we respected and then went to Sweden to finish the record. And after that we jumped right into our first European tour. I just remember that entire time just being really exciting and just being on the edge of everything you imaged just manifesting.

Playing with Dhani is super cool. I was a big Beatles fan and a fan of his father’s. And just getting to know him as a dude and getting to know his music has been a really rad experience. You just see past what other people see, like I know him better and I know what makes him tick musically from spending hours with him in rehearsals.

Another one is playing with Big Black Delta. Even though they might not have much name recognition, but John is one of the most talented songwriters and musicians that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. So with being around him I feel like I absorbed new ways of approaching music and crafting music.

A lot of my highlights are with Poison the Well because it was a lot of firsts with me. Not saying that everything else diminishes, but the overall experience with Poison the Well is a highlight. They were most of my firsts that represented the accomplishments of what I wanted to do and dreamed of doing. That band led to everything else that I’ve done, it was the root of it all.

Looking back, what is something that you learned?

The biggest thing, and the general misconception, is that just because you get signed to a label, you automatically become rich. Some of them stick and some of them don’t, and you hear about the ones that stick and go on to have successful careers but you don’t hear about the ones that don’t. And with tours, yea you’re making money by playing to a bunch of people, but just like any other business there are operational costs. People just don’t realize the cost involved with doing it, and I was the same way. Some of it I learned from my dad and some of it I had to learn the hard way. But that was the biggest thing that I learned.


Chris Hornbrook is currently on tour with Dhani Harrison until the end of November.

You can find Chris on his social media sites linked below.



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Stay Away | Boy Hero

I always get excited when an unsigned band releases new music, especially a band as good as Boy Hero. They are a group to definitely keep on eye on.

In the past I’ve reviewed their EP “Boy Hero” which you can check out as well. Recently Boy Hero has been releasing songs over the past month and its getting me excited for the release of their upcoming EP.

Their single “Last One” was released for Halloween and now they are back with an acoustic song “Stay Away” and a beautiful video to match. Dan’s voice has always been a unique one that I’ve enjoyed listening to and this acoustic song really emphasizes the vulnerability in his voice.

If you are a fan of alternative or even pop punk bands, please check out Boy Hero. But for now, check out their new song because it is definitely one that will be on repeat for me.

Stay Away Video


*Disclaimer. All Reviews are my opinion and interpretation of the songs/album. You might think differently. Please be respectful.

Ghost of Me | Andrew Carter Song Review

If you want a song to take you back to a 50’s sock hop, then “Ghost of Me” by Andrew Carter is the song you need to listen to.

Andrew Carter is a county rock artist that has a unique blend of the two genres of music that is reminiscent to Lynyrd Synyrd. If you want to learn more about Andrew, you can read my interview with him here.

“Ghost of Me” will be Carter’s new single off his self-titled album. Going into this review I thought I was going to hear a timeless country song that tells a story of a man looking back on who he used to be and the journey he took to be where he is now. Just a classic song reflecting on the changes we go through as humans. But I was wrong.

Yes, the song does talk about how he used to do “this” or “that” but that is now the ghost of him. But it is not the typical country sound that I would have expected to hear. It starts off with this be-bopping bass line that just moves effortlessly up and down the scale.

Then the bluesy guitar kicks in and takes you on this journey back in time where bands dressed in suits and during the guitar breakdown the guitarist slides to the front of the stage on his knees and just shreds.  The overall feel of this song is one that you would typically hear at a 50’s sock hop with greasers and ladies in poodle skirts; but still keeping his country roots strong.

If you are anything like me, someone who is not usually a country listener, you should really give Carter’s music a chance. He is country, but true country. His music is not like your radio pop country today, he is a breath of nostalgia both in the country genre and the rock genre.

“Ghost of Me” is a fun, energetic song that takes you back in time and Andrew Carter is an artist on the rise that everyone should keep an eye on. I am looking forward to seeing where he will go next with his music.

You can follow Andrew on the sites below and hear his song “Ghost of Me” on his website.

Andrew Carter Website

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Wendy Ford PR Website

Andrew Carter Interview

Andrew Carter is a true son of the south that is bringing back good ol’ fashioned Southern Rock to the forefront of country music. His self-titled album “Andrew Carter” tells a story and brings the feeling of home and nostalgia wherever you go. A few days ago I got the chance to sit down and chat with Andrew about his music and more.

What was the music scene like for you growing up?
In Stockbridge, where I grew up, it was okay; we really grew up on Atlanta’s music scene. But in Jacksonville, the music scene has always been here, although its hard to get people to come out to shows and support you. Once the world knows who you are, Jacksonville just starts to listen to you.

What music did you listen to growing up?
My mom would trick us into cleaning the house by turning on the radio and cleaning to classic rock. So a lot of Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd. But as I got older, I really got into punk rock, really anything Discord Records was putting out. But I kept listening to Classic Rock and I had a step dad that had every country vinyl ever so that was fun listening to that.

I read that you started out as a drummer. How did you get interested in drums?
I had three brothers and one was a natural born musician. He taught me how to play the drums. He would set it up and it was just a snare, high hat and kick drum. And for the longest time I could only hit the snare and high hat. I couldn’t quite get my foot to kick that pedal. But one day it happened and I made a beat and I was hooked every since. However, I don’t have a kit right now, but I do go to the Guitar Center and play the kits they have set up.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
What I’m pulling from right now with this last album and the next two to come, I’m pulling from those classic southern rock bands. I went on tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd and worked as an assistant to their piano player. I learned a lot of from them because they are great performers. You have to be a true professional to be in that band, because they are true professionals. They are an amazing rock and roll blues band and I pull from them a lot.

I am all about the show. Anyone that you talk to that have seen me perform, they will tell you that I am all about the show and Lynyrd Skynyrd puts on a show. So who wouldn’t want to emulate that?

How would you describe the vibe of your self-titled album, “Andrew Carter”?
They have a sense of nostalgia. They sound like sounds that your parents might have listened to, and I like that. I think that some people will be refreshed if it was on the radio and I think people will appreciate the air that it is familiar to. People will recognize the familiarity.

Talking from one musician to another in Nashville, people are ready for this. They are angry with what is on the radio right now because its almost more pop than country. Nothing wrong with pop or rap, I listen to that and love it, but make a pop song and don’t call it country.

What would you say is your favorite song on the album? What is it about?
Long Road Home. Its the slowest song on the album. The story about is that my friend was going through a hard time in Nashville. Her brother offered her this RV, but she had to pick it up in California and drive it back. It was the best time for her to go out there and get the RV and drive it back and think. I was talking to her back and forth while she was doing that and I wrote down what she was telling me. I just put it together and I really like the instrumentation of it and the story of it. Its the only story song, it doesn’t have a chorus, just three verses. But all the songs are my favorite.

What is the highlight of your musical career so far?
Performing with my band The Bumbs. Being able to play and tour together has been the highlight so far. They are the band that is on the album and they put all that music together because I couldn’t have done that all by myself. That band is just amazing and being able to work with them is the highlight.

If you had to choose a concert line up, open for or headliner, who would be on the bill?
I would like to open for would be two of them. Lynyrd Skynyrd or Tom Petty. I think it would be amazing to open for either of those bands. If I did a headlining tour, I would like to form a band behind me so The Bumbs could be my opener.

Plans or goals for the future?
I got two new albums in the works. One I will release pretty early in 2018 and the other one will be out in late spring of 2018. But 2018 is full of touring, my label is working on getting me out on the road a lot for hopefully all of 2018. Festivals are in the workings for being booked, but nothing confirmed yet.



You can listen to Andrew Carter’s self-titled on his website. You can stay up to date on all events and current news for Andrew Carter by following him on his social media sites, linked below.


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Recent Music Purchases

The month of January meant the month to spend all of my gift card money on iTunes music purchases.

Here are all the purchases I made in the month of January. Some are new releases and some are older. Regardless, there is something about adding new music to my library that gets me all excited.

“Don’t Go” – Vacances (single)
This was a song that I had previously done a review for, I just never got around to buying it until this month. Highly suggest you go check it out as well as his music.

“Flicker” – Niall Horan (album)
Again, this is an album that I had been listening to nonstop on Spotify and mentioned in my favorite albums of 2017. But, it wasn’t until January when I finally took the plunge and bought it.

“Smile, and Wave” – SAINTE (album)
Mentioned before in my favorite albums of 2017, I loved this album and the whole return to music that Tay Jardine had after WATIC ended. An album that I was always meaning to buy but just got around to it now.

“Lower” – Amber x Luna (single)
This was actually a new release that I purchased right away after hearing it. I normally don’t buy a song or album right after its released unless its by a group or artists that I love. But, I made an exception for this song because its so catchy and both Amber and Luna’s voices sound beautiful.

“Welcome Back” – iKON (album)
I just recently got into iKON and the whole fandom surrounding them. So I went a a binge of their music and I can see how the whole fandom thinks they are under appreciated because they are.

“Harry Styles” – Harry Styles (album)
Again, an album that I had been listening to on Spotify since it released, but this is the first time I actually thought to buy it. Also, very happy I did because I am seeing him in concert this June.

“Birthday Gamble” – Jay Park (2 song single release)
I love everything Jay Park does, so naturally, when this released I got it as soon as I could.

As I always do, the songs and albums mentioned are linked so you can check out what I’m listening to and maybe purchase them yourselves.


Songs That Make Me

As we were coming into the new year, I became pretty nostalgic when it comes to music. Listening to songs that meant so much to me that I don’t necessarily listen to all the time. I realized that all these songs are ones that made a huge impact on my life in one way or another.

Each one of these songs brings back a specific memory in my mind that is filled with happiness. We all have them, and that is the beauty of music. It holds a special place in our hearts and holds the power to bring back happiness for just over 3 minutes.

Below are just a few of the songs that “made” me who I am today and hold a special place in my heart. Let me know what your songs are and maybe the story behind them.

  1. I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab for Cutie
  2. Vegas Skies – The Cab
  3. Fred Bear – Ted Nugent
  4. Jamie All Over – Mayday Parade
  5. Only One – Yellowcard

Most of these songs bring me back to a time with good friends. Yellowcard and Death Cab bring me back to a time when I was feeling super low but these songs and groups brought me out of a funk. Ted Nugent (random, I know) reminds me of my dad. Every morning when he would drop me off at my grandmother’s house we would listen to Fred Bear. It was just a happy way to start my mornings for over a year.

As always, the songs above are linked so you can give them a listen.

Upcoming Album Releases in 2018

With the new year upon us, its time to browse through the upcoming album releases and pick out the ones I”m most looking forward to. Since it is the beginning of the year, the first quarter releases are the only ones available to the public. Here is a list of albums I’m most looking forward to hearing.


Fall Out Boy – “Mania”

Waterparks – “Entertainment”

The Neighbourhood – “To Imagine”

BORNS – “Blue Madonna”

Charlie Puth – “Voicenotes”


Vance Joy – “Nation of Two”

The Wombats – “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life”


The 1975 – “Music For Cars”

If you know of any more albums that are being released in the first quarter of 2018 and you want me to check them out please leave them in the comment section. Hope that all is well, and that your new year is a great one.





Top Albums of 2017

As the year comes to a close, its time to reflect on the great albums that were released this year. I feel as though 2017 was the year for a lot of my favorite groups to release new music and artists to make triumphant comebacks. How these albums are determined in my mind is not based off number of plays, but by how much I feel connected emotionally to the songs, the artist and the album as a whole.

Below is my list of favorite albums of the year, in order ending with my top pick, along with my favorite song(s) from the album.

Smile, and Wave – SAINTE
This was Tay Jardine’s (previously of WATIC) return to music. WATIC was one of the bands I always listened to every day. So, to hear about their split was a little disappointing to me since I was really enjoying their work. But I now see the members continuing on with music in their own ways and SAINTE is Tay Jardine’s new project and return to music. The vibe is different from WATIC but its still an EP that I’ve been enjoying and feel connected to in a different way than most music.
Released: June 30, 2017
Favorite song: “If You Ever Feel Alone”

Love Yourself: Her – BTS
Wait…what???? If anyone knows me personally, they will know that I’m listening to this album at least once every day (literally). So people would naturally expect this to be at the top of list. Although its a great album and its hard for me to pick a favorite song off the album I wouldn’t necessarily say its my favorite because I don’t feel emotionally connected to any of the songs. None of the songs moved me to the point where I felt it was relatable to some part of my life and experiences. But, its still one of my favorites because I do have it on repeat almost every day.
Released: September 18, 2017
Favorite Song(s): “GoGo” and “Best of Me”

Lovely Little Lonely – The Maine
The Maine is that band that I just lose myself in their music. Ever since middle school when I first heard them I just loved their music. Now especially since their work is more poetic and beautiful with a sense of sadness I just find them to be the best mood music when I’m feeling in a rut. This album, just like their previous ones, allows me to get lost in the melodies, lyrics and find deep connects to the songs. I do find it hard to pick a favorite song as well.
Released: April 7, 2017
Favorite Song: “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu”

Where the Mind Wants to Go/ Where You Let It Go – I The Mighty
This album is another one that I listen to every day at least once. But, unlike BTS, I feel more connected emotionally to this album. I The Mighty really came out of nowhere for me with this album. I was anticipating it all year, but wasn’t expecting it to sound like how it does. There are elements that remind me of early 2000s pop punk but then there are elements that remind me of modern alternative. All together creating this mysterious and haunting essence throughout the album.
Released: October 20, 2017
Favorite Song(s): “Pet Names” and “Escapism”

After Laughter – Paramore
This album is one that baffles me. I never expected to understand an album as much as I do this one. Yes, I have always been a Paramore fan and I was really excited for this release. But once it was out I remember feeling overwhelmed with emotions while listening to it in the car on my way to work. For some strange reason I understood everything Hayley was expressing in the lyrics because I had experienced them as well. Not just me, a lot of people I feel can relate to this album or at least a song off the album because its so raw. We’ve all felt like giving up, we’ve all had self-doubt, we’ve all felt lost and we’ve all lost friends and made new ones. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and it has it’s great moments and awful moments and this album really expresses them in the realist way.
Released: May 12, 2017
Favorite Song(s): “Forgiveness” , “Fake Happy” , “Tell Me How”


Of course there are more albums that have been released this year that I’ve been listening to nonstop, but like I said, these are the ones that made the top of my list for one reason or another. And as this year comes to a close, I look forward to new releases in 2018, so stay tuned in for my most anticipated of 2018.

Top 5 Christmas Songs

‘Tis the season of warm and cozy activities, quality family time and general giving and receiving. Like most people, the winter holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. One thing about the holiday season that I love the most are the holiday songs.

Just a warning before I get started listing them, I celebrate Christmas. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas and therefore might not appreciate the list being solely Christmas music. I am not as educated as I could be in other religious holiday music, so it wouldn’t be truthful of me to include them.

But please note that I am aware of the other holidays celebrated during this time and if you celebrate something other than Christmas and have song suggestions for me please let me know and I will love to listen to them and include them in future holiday music posts.

So, to stop rambling, here are my Top 5 Holiday/Christmas songs…

5. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
This is on my list as one that started off as joke but turned out to be an absolute MUST listen to during the holiday season. My friend Cherry and I sing this to each other all the time, especially now that we are apart. We even played it during the summer, max volume, driving around with the windows down. It’s just one of those songs that you’re not sure why you love it, you just do.

4. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber
I threw this one in here simply for the inside joke I have with my friend Cherry. All I’m going to say is, Cherry..if you’re reading this…”hey love!” She’ll get it. But, again this is one of those songs that I have no other reason why I have to listen to this song during the holidays I just do.

3. O Holy Night 
The next ones will be traditional songs that I have always loved for more than one reason. “O Holy Night” is one of those songs that, when arranged right, can be absolutely breath taking. I always imagined a huge choir singing this song and taking away the instrumental and just doing a cappella. The sound of the different voices just filling the room and sending shivers down your spine..OH LORD! Beautiful. But it can also be just very subtly with just one voice and more intimate and still be beautiful.

2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Judy Garland version
If you know me, you know I love Judy Garland and everything she does. Her rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” is so hauntingly beautiful that you forget what the actual meaning of the song is. The scene in the movie when she sings this song your heart just aches. I’m not going to say what the scene is about, but if you haven’t seen the movie “Meet Me In St. Louis” please do! I could honestly listen to this song any day of the year.

1.Blue Christmas
My favorite Christmas movie is “A Year Without A Santa Claus” and towards the end a little girl sends a letter to Santa about how she will miss him this Christmas. The song that plays during that scene is “Blue Christmas” and ever since I saw that movie I loved this song. For some reason the song makes me appreciate what I have every year. I couldn’t pick a version that is my favorite so I will link the most popular one by Elvis. I get emotional every time I listen to this song and for that reason its my favorite.