Still a Band

Yesterday the Paramore world was rocked, and not in a good way. Fans of the band learned through a post that the band made on their Facebook and Tumblr that long time bassist, Jeremy Davis, was leaving the band.

Although they made it clear in their post that even though this is a painful time to go through as a band, they have no plans on stopping and will be working on new music in the future. But some fans are unsure about that statement.

Last night I found myself scrolling through the trend on Twitter and a lot of fans are, respectively so, upset and are in doubt that Paramore will “ever be the same” or “continue on.” But on the opposite side of the spectrum, there were plenty more fans who were upset, heartbroken, but still positive that Paramore will continue on as a band and were chanting via the internet “Paramore is STILL a band.”

Being a huge fan of the band, since their conception basically, I was crushed by the news. Not only was Jeremy my favorite member of the band, but their music has been such a great help to me emotionally and mentally throughout the years. I know that is cheesy to say, but their music has really motivated me in ways other music hasn’t.

When I read the news I didn’t know how to feel, my emotions were all over the place. I immediately texted my friend Cherry (because its a reflex whenever I hear news) and I just couldn’t find the right emoji to express my feelings. *hello 21st century*

But after a moment of clutching my pillow and cat tightly whilst I cry internally, I realized that this is not the end of Paramore. When the Faro brothers left the band, we all thought the same thing. “This is the end of Paramore” but it wasn’t. They came back stronger and better than ever and their Self-Titled era has been one of the best eras in Paramore history.

I have faith that Hayley and Taylor will continue to produce music that exceeds all expectations. They will come out of this fire, they will climb this road block and come back stronger and better than before. Sure, part of them is missing, a part that was so important to the magic of Paramore, but they have time to repair and build.

As fans, we just have to be supportive, like we always have been, and give them they time they need to release new music. We waited for the Self-Titled album patiently (or not) and it proved to be everything we hoped for. In some ways, that album was reason for fans to live and have faith in their favorite bands going through similar hardships.

I believe, that with time, Paramore will come out with another history and chart topping album and we will be reminded how strong of a band they truly are.

Paramore is STILL a band.

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