Favorite Artists

Cherry and I did a video where we talked about our favorite artists in certain genres. Although you can watch the video here I will list for you my answers here on my blog.

If you want to know what Cherry’s answers are, you can go watch the video.

Van Halen: ever since I was a kid and my dad would play Van Halen songs on his guitar I was hooked. I think because they have such a close meaning to me as a kid, they will forever be one of my favorite bands ever.

Heart: again, with the sentimental childhood connection…my dad would always play Heart because he had a thing for Anne Wilson’s voice. Which, if you haven’t heard her voice before you should look her up because holy cow! Its amazing!

One Ok Rock: this is a recent favorite for me. I was just browsing the internet and then I came across a band that had featured Taka from One Ok Rock and I really liked his voice. So I looked his band up and fell in love.

Paramore: they are probably one of the few bands that I’ve followed since they started. I remember seeing their video for Pressure and instantly hooked. I’ve been a fan with them ever since.

No Doubt: this is a band that I don’t listen to often, but has a very special place in my heart. They were one of the first bands that I found on my own and fell in love with it.

Good Charlotte: probably my favorite band ever. This band opened up a world of alternative and punk rock music. I am like a giddy little school girl whenever I hear their music.

Whitney Houston: she is my one and only. My favorite female artist ever. That is all I need to say.

Beyonce: because she is queen b and needs to be on the list somewhere…also I clean to her music all the time.

One Direction: fight me. I love One Direction. They just have really catchy songs and I like their humor.

Ed Sheeran: that beautiful ginger man. A true talent. I give props to the person who discovered him and signed him to their label because he is truly a diamond in the rough.

Simon and Garfunkel: Clive Davis worked with them, so they are automatically amazing. But, regardless they are a talented duo and for the work that they did in the amount of time they were together is timeless.

Anthem Lights: a boy band that does not only Christian music, but also amazing covers of Top 40 Hits. If you don’t like Christian music, but love a good pop mash up, I highly suggest that you check out their channel on Youtube and listen to their mash ups because they are some of the best I’ve ever heard.

Remedy Drive: I saw them when I went on a youth trip and really liked their music and I occasionally listen to them when I’m in need of a pick me up.

Adult Contemporary
Michael Buble: who doesn’t like Michael Buble? He’s the best and I think I’ve listened to him like 20 times a day thanks to his holiday album.

Pop Rock
All Time Low: again, like Paramore, I’ve been following this band since I first heard their stuff. Coffee Shop Soundtrack has been one of my favorite songs for many reasons for years now. It was the first song I heard by them and it started a lifetime of memories.

We Are The In Crowd: The male/female vocal dynamic between Jordan and Tay is something that is so unique and really adds to the perspectives of the songs. Sometimes a song needs the male and female point of view.

The Maine: they were one of my first concerts at The Rave and they were some of the first band members that I’ve met and it gave me a great concert experience.

The Avett Brothers: they are a band that a lot of people don’t really know, at least people that I know at least. But they got such a unique sound, its folk/bluegrass/indie and its something that I don’t have much of on my iTunes.

Boy Band
Backstreet Boys: there is no other option for this category. They are my life. Simple.

Ben E. King: Stand By me got me hooked on this man. Its a feel good music type of man.

The Four Tops: gotta add an R&B boy band in the mix, even though the temptations are great, the four tops just don’t get enough credit.

Marvin Gaye: the mood setter himself. Its pretty self explanatory.

The Beatles: duh. Everyone loves the Beatles. Don’t lie.

Billy Joel: if you know me you know that Billy Joel is my favorite ever. Well, one of my favorite any ways. When ever I need a mood pick me up, I will always listen to Billy Joel or…

Paul McCartney: he is my one and only. My idol. My favorite human being ever. I could go on and on about Paul and how amazing he is, but I don’t want this to be and endless novel.


There you have it! A brief description of all my favorites. These are subject to change. Sometimes, depending on my mood, they will change but for the most part these are all my favorites in the genres. The ones that will never change ever.

Watch the video to find out more about my favorites and to find out Cherry’s favorites!


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