Top Songs of Summer

Autumn has officially started, even thought Wisconsin doesn’t think so, which means its time to discuss the songs that I was listening to on repeat during the summer time. As some of my readers may know, or may not know, I have what I like to call a “musically obsessive” personality. Meaning, when I like a song or artist I will listen to them non stop until I find a new song or artist to listen to.

My summer consisted of mainly pop music, since I am a person who listens to music based off the seasons (spring and summer are usually pop while fall and winter are usually rock). Recently, my pop music of choice has been Kpop (Korean Pop), and by recently I mean the past few years that is literally the only pop music I listen to. Its a deep, dark, bottomless hole that I have no intentions of climbing out from.

So as fair warning, this list might possibly (or 100%) be Kpop oriented. Once again, this list is in no particular order and all songs are not just from 2017. I will provide release years along with genres and video links.

  1. “Really Really” by WINNER (2017, Kpop)
  2. “Why” by Taeyeon (2016, Kpop)
  3. Touch My Body” by SISTAR (2014, Kpop) –side note I had to add a SISTAR in here.. D’:
  4. “Spring Day” by BTS (2017, Kpop)
  5. “View” by SHINee (2015, Kpop)
  6. “Where Were You” by Every Avenue (2008, Pop Punk)
  7. “A Capella” by Chase Goehring (2015, Pop…but debatable)
  8. “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus (2017, Pop)
  9. “Good Times” by All Time Low (2017, Pop Punk)
  10. “Hard Times” by Paramore (2017, Alternative)

Initially, writing this list up I had 8 Kpop songs that I had been listening to non stop, but for the sake of my non Kpop fans out there, I revised it to be half and half. Most of my Kpop songs are some older ones like SHINee and SISTAR. But they have such a summer vibe to them that they are staples for that time of year.

I also threw in a throwback pop punk song by Every Avenue that accidentally came up on my shuffle on iTunes and it hit me with a wave of nostalgia. This was a song I listened to non stop in the summer during my high school days.

Finally, I added a solo artist that I feel is a bit underrated, Chase Goehring. If you have not heard his song “A Capella” you need to! Its got such a great flow and rhythm to it that is very infectious. And, it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t have one or two staple pop punk or alternative songs in the mix. I need that refreshing break from the pop every once in a while. And All Time Low and Paramore are always my go to for that type of break.

I do, however, have an honorable mention that really pained me to take off the list, but it was released later in the summer so I decided to switch it out. “Yacht” by Jay Park (2017, Kpop) if you love Kpop, you need to listen to this song.

Once again, I do keep a playlist on Spotify of all the songs that I listened to this spring/summer that feature more songs than what is listed here. Also, because of a glitch in Spotify, some of the songs I have listed here are not on my playlist…they disappeared. So, please make sure you check out the videos I linked above.

Feel free to leave music suggestion in the comments below! I will be looking for new music to listen to for fall and winter!


Refresh Your Ears

Recently I have been really emerging myself in new music. I often find myself getting stuck in music ruts where I only listen to an artist or a few artists all the time (Cherry, if you’re reading this you will know a particular band that I’ve done this with recently **oneokrock**) So I have been forcing myself to listen to new artists and genres of music to give my ears a nice refresher and to bring new music into my life.

Spotify is one of my favorite places to find new music, they have a wonderful playlist called “Weekend Buzz” that has new music added to it every weekend based on your previous plays, so its catered to you personally. This has been my best friend lately.

First and foremost, I’ve found probably my new favorite song on this playlist. Its called “Dont Worry About Me” by Frances. Firstly, this song starts off with a beautiful acapella introduction of the chorus that seriously gave me chills the first time I heard it. Frances’ voice is so beautiful and raw that you are transported to another time in space when she sings. This is such a true song lyrically as well. When you get past the beauty of the music and listen to what she is saying its so real that you feel every bit of what she is saying. Honestly, I cried the first time I truly listened to the lyrics. Safe to say this song is on repeat multiple times during my day.

The second song that I’ve been loving is by a the artist Lany and its called “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS” . Not only is this a great and “#relatable” song title, but the song is super catchy. I listened to this song while cleaning and I was singing it all day long. Its got this nice up tempo, electronic ambiance to it that makes you want to dance and sing along. The song is telling a story of moving to LA and literally thinking where the hell are his friends. Makes you almost question moving to a bigger city, yes it has its perks, but with all those people do you really have any friends to hang out with that are genuine? I could be reading too much into it, but its still a great song to dance too.

Finally, the last song I’ll talk about today is by The Mowgli’s and its called “I’m Good” and this is such a “feeling-great-wanna-drive-with-the-windows-down” type of song. When I listen to it I literally feel so good. Just loving life the way it is and you should enjoy every moment of it type of song that everyone needs to have on any type of playlist I feel. If I just need a great “happy” song to match my mood, this is the first song I go to. Highly recommend to all my positive friends out there as well as my friends who need a little pick-me-up!

Those are just a few of the new artists/songs that I’ve been loving recently and that have really refreshed my ears! There are plenty more songs like this on my Spotify playlist! I’ve created a playlist of songs that I’ve been listening to this Spring/Summer, so if you are interested check it out! 

Stay rad,