Roadtrip Playlist

Recently I went on a roadtrip with some friends. The trip stretched from Southeastern Wisconsin to Nashville, TN; a total driving time of 27 hours there an back. And, just like any good roadtrip, you need music that will keep you awake and keep you pumped throughout the drive.

Of course, just like any type of occasion, setting a music playlist to set the mood varies depending on the person. But for us, we went for the more nostalgic music. So here are my suggestions:

  1. Disney Music. Everyone knows the songs, everyone loves the songs (whether or not you like to admit it) So getting the trip started with something you know and is universal is a great idea. Turning on the Disney music is also a great way to fill the “lull” in music selection. If you’ve been listening to a certain genre of music for a while and are unsure what to listen to next, pop on Disney. It gets everyone is a good mood and who doesn’t want to sing “The Circle of Life” at the top of their lungs while the sun is setting/rising??
  2. Musicals/Movie Soundtracks. Like Disney music, songs from musicals are also great universal music to put on in the car. If not everyone likes musicals, then think of some movies that you really enjoy and put the soundtrack to those on. On our trip we listened to the soundtrack of “Into the Woods” one that we all enjoyed.
  3. Comedy Central Radio. This isn’t music but it was one of our favorite things to listen to on the trip. When we were all tired from driving, listening to music was something that was just putting us to sleep. So we put on the Jerry Seinfeld radio on Pandora and listened stand up comedy. It kept us awake and laughing so hard we cried! It even set the mood for the time we were down in Nashville; we ended up watching a show from one of the comedians we heard on the radio.
  4. Throwback music. Throwback music is probably the best driving/roadtriping music you could listen to! When a song comes on that reminds you of something from your past (something good that is) you get excited and pumped up. This will keep you awake on the drive and also give the song new meaning. We played a lot of throwback songs on our trip and it struck up conversations of the memories we each had with the song.

Those are the categories that we listened to on our trip to Nashville, but if you want to check out specific songs that I think are great for any roadtrip, you can check out my Spotify Playlist called “Roadtrip” and get some ideas to create your own!



May Music Obsessions

The month of May has been one of great music for me. There was been some new songs and albums that were released this month as well as songs that I’ve just discovered on my own that I have been obsessing over and, like always, I’m here to tell you all about them!

The first song would be “Bored To Death” by Blink 182. This is off of Blink 182’s new album, and although the song was released in April, I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the entire month of May. Its one of those songs that are hard to explain, its just a classic Blink song that just gets you up and singing. Its got a nice beat and melody that stays in your head all day. I suggest that if you are a pop-punk fan or an alternative music fan, you should listen to this song, even if you are not a Blink fan. Its just a great song; song of the summer for me!

The next song is by an artist who is completely new to me. I was listening to the coffee shop soundtrack station on sirius xm and heard this song. I loved the mellow vibe that was linked to a classic story; Peter Pan. The song is called “Lost Boy” and its by Ruth B. Her voice, the melody, the key, and the simple piano accompaniment is a perfect blend. For some reason, when I listen to this song I feel like I’m a child again and I imagine myself as Wendy, waiting for Peter Pan to come to my window. If you are into indie music, or that coffee shop sound, I suggest you listen to this song or at least look up Ruth B because all of her songs are amazing!

Finally, I’ve been listening to Against The Current’s new album “In Our Bones” for the past week, ever since its release. The album, in my opinion, is pure gold! You are your darker sounding songs like “Chasing Ghosts” and “Blood Like Gasoline” that have an edgy, ominous vibe. But then you have your more upbeat songs like “In Our Bones” and “Runaway” that you bob your head to, smile, dance and just feel good while singing. My favorite songs off the album would be “Chasing Ghosts,” “In Our Bones,” and “Demons.” If you like bands like PVRIS or other female vocalist bands, you should definitely check out Against The Current because I see big things for their future; they’re gonna rock it!

Those are just a few songs and albums that I’ve been loving this month. If you want to know about more what I’ve been listening to, I’ve created a playlist on Spotify that highlights all the songs that I’ve been listening to during this spring/summer season! I generally update it every week, so there are quite a few songs already on the list and many more to come!

Stay rad!