Stay Away | Boy Hero

I always get excited when an unsigned band releases new music, especially a band as good as Boy Hero. They are a group to definitely keep on eye on.

In the past I’ve reviewed their EP “Boy Hero” which you can check out as well. Recently Boy Hero has been releasing songs over the past month and its getting me excited for the release of their upcoming EP.

Their single “Last One” was released for Halloween and now they are back with an acoustic song “Stay Away” and a beautiful video to match. Dan’s voice has always been a unique one that I’ve enjoyed listening to and this acoustic song really emphasizes the vulnerability in his voice.

If you are a fan of alternative or even pop punk bands, please check out Boy Hero. But for now, check out their new song because it is definitely one that will be on repeat for me.

Stay Away Video


*Disclaimer. All Reviews are my opinion and interpretation of the songs/album. You might think differently. Please be respectful.

New Releases

Need something new to listen to?

Here is a list of some new releases that I would recommend for your ears.

  1. Last One – Boy Hero
  2. Black Suit – Super Junior
  3. One More Chance – Super Junior
  4. Where the Mind Wants to Go / Where You Let it Go – I The Mighty
  5. Flicker – Niall Horan

Let me know if there are any new releases that you are loving and I’ll be sure to check them out!



Music to Help You Focus

Whether you are a student in high school or university, or working a desk job, we all need something to help us focus on the task at hand. Listening to music can help anyone focus and adds a bit of background noise while we work to break the silence. But, listening to certain genres of music can help your brain be more productive as well as help retain information.

The most obvious choice is to listen to classical or instrumental music. This music has no words, therefore there won’t be the worry of typing the lyrics of the song your listening to into your term paper or research report. Classical music has also been known to help the mind focus and retain memory. Because of its peaceful and harmonious sound, instrumental and classical music will help the mind relax from any worries that are running through it during the day to make studying easier.

Studies have also shown that Mozart in particular is the best to listen to when studying because it his music helps with overall improvement in mental performance. They call this the “Mozart Effect.” Check out my favorite classical playlists on Spotify that I have found to help me be more productive.

Another option, if you’re not into classical music, can be ambient music. This is more of a modern twist on classical. Its still instrumental to take away the lyrical distractions but the sound is more modern and sets an ambiance.

Finally, if you are not a classical or ambient music type of person, listening to nature sounds is another great option for staying of track during studying or work. Putting on a playlist of sounds mimicking the ocean, or birds chirping can not only create the sense that you’re outside in a peaceful environment, but it also breaks the background silence without breaking your focus. My favorite playlist for nature sounds on Spotify can be found here to give you some ideas.

Listening to top 40 songs or any songs with lyrics in them can not only throw you off track because your mind is trying to focus on the words of the song, but you might find your productivity will decrease. I tend to find myself listening to my iTunes or Spotify while I work and end up spending more time singing along or going back to skip songs because I don’t want to listen to them.

But when I listen to classical playlists I find I get more work done during the day as well as being in a better mind set throughout the day because of the relaxing atmosphere it sets while I work.

Although this might not be for everyone, but if you are finding it hard to focus or get work done, its worth a try.

October Recap

October has been a slow month for me in terms of music. There were not many releases that I was interested in so I only have two to share with today. Interestingly enough, both of the albums I’m going to talk about today were released on the same day; October 20.

The first release is probably my favorite one. I first found out about this group a few years ago when I saw them perform as an opener for Hands Like Houses. Ever since I had kept an eye on them, and gradually started to listen to them more. Needless to say I was excited to see that they were releasing a new album this year.

I The Mighty released “Where the Mind Wants to Go / Where You Let It Go” on October 20 of 2017 and it is one of my favorite Alternative Rock albums of the year. To me, the album has a feeling of early 2000s alternative rock but with a modern twist to it. There is something nostalgic about the melodies in some of the songs that takes me back to 8th grade.

Songs that I would suggest to check out, and possibly my favorites off the album, are “Pet Names” and “Escapism” those two songs are ones that I believe embody the feeling of 2000s alternative rock throughout the melodies. I The Mighty’s unique blend of instrumentation has always been one that I admired in their music and I’m glad that it carried through to this new album. Any of my alternative friends who have not checked them out yet, please do; you won’t regret it.

I The Mighty are currently on tour to promote their new album, you can check tour dates and ticket availability here.

The second album that I had on repeat this month was Niall Horan’s debut solo album, “Flicker.” Although its categorized as a pop album, I would say that it falls under the sub-genre of indie pop because it does have a more coffee house vibe to it than most pop albums.

Coming from one of the biggest boy bands from the 2010s, Niall has really set his place as a solo artist and showed with this album his artistic abilities. My favorite songs off the album are “Fire Away” and “On My Own” but the songs collectively work together to create an all around great album and an even better debut album.

Even if you are not a fan of One Direction, I do suggest you give Niall Horan’s album a listen because it is not like One Direction or the music he did with them. Niall Horan is currently on tour to promote the new album, for more information on dates and ticket sales you can go to his website here.

Ghost of Me | Andrew Carter Song Review

If you want a song to take you back to a 50’s sock hop, then “Ghost of Me” by Andrew Carter is the song you need to listen to.

Andrew Carter is a county rock artist that has a unique blend of the two genres of music that is reminiscent to Lynyrd Synyrd. If you want to learn more about Andrew, you can read my interview with him here.

“Ghost of Me” will be Carter’s new single off his self-titled album. Going into this review I thought I was going to hear a timeless country song that tells a story of a man looking back on who he used to be and the journey he took to be where he is now. Just a classic song reflecting on the changes we go through as humans. But I was wrong.

Yes, the song does talk about how he used to do “this” or “that” but that is now the ghost of him. But it is not the typical country sound that I would have expected to hear. It starts off with this be-bopping bass line that just moves effortlessly up and down the scale.

Then the bluesy guitar kicks in and takes you on this journey back in time where bands dressed in suits and during the guitar breakdown the guitarist slides to the front of the stage on his knees and just shreds.  The overall feel of this song is one that you would typically hear at a 50’s sock hop with greasers and ladies in poodle skirts; but still keeping his country roots strong.

If you are anything like me, someone who is not usually a country listener, you should really give Carter’s music a chance. He is country, but true country. His music is not like your radio pop country today, he is a breath of nostalgia both in the country genre and the rock genre.

“Ghost of Me” is a fun, energetic song that takes you back in time and Andrew Carter is an artist on the rise that everyone should keep an eye on. I am looking forward to seeing where he will go next with his music.

You can follow Andrew on the sites below and hear his song “Ghost of Me” on his website.

Andrew Carter Website

Photo provided by Wendy Ford PR
Wendy Ford PR Website

Artists I Stopped Listening To

Sometimes there are just some artists that we, for whatever reason, just stop listening to. Maybe its because we grew out of that genre of music. Maybe its because the band or artists’ ethics changed and we don’t agree with it. Or maybe it truly is because they stopped making the same quality of music that we previously liked.

I’m sure if you thought about it, there are bands or artists that you’ve stopped listening to over the years. I recently went through my iTunes Library and discovered some artists that I just stopped listening to.

Mostly, I have stopped listening to these bands just because I grew out of them. Just like an old pair of jeans, I grew out of their style, their writing or I strictly just listened to them because of who I was dating or friends with at the time.

However, I will leave a link to all these artists like always. I do highly suggest that you still check them out because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We all have different tastes in music and no ones taste is better than another’s.

So please keep in mind, that just because I don’t listen to them doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t give them a try and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t like them either. If you do listen to these artists, more power to you; you do you friends!

  1. Alesana
  2. Andy Grammer
  3. Asking Alexandria
  4. Attack! Attack!
  5. Black Veil Brides
  6. Bloc Party
  7. Brokencyde
  8. Christian Perri
  9. Dr. Acula
  10. Fun.
  11. I See Stars
  12. Jonny Craig
  13. Lee Brice
  14. MGMT
  15. Parachute

I could probably post more, but I will stop there for now. Again, all the artists are linked so you can check them out yourselves and decide for yourself if you like them or not.

Feel free to leave a comment listing artists that you stopped listening to over the years. Maybe I’ll check them out for myself!


Kpop Groups/Artists that I Stan

It is no surprise that I am a fan of Kpop. Do I understand it? No. But do I have to understand it in order to listen to it? Absolutely not! Music is universal and it doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t matter what language it is in, if its a good song and makes you feel good…then listen to it!

I am a fan of Korean Pop music and Korean Hip an extent and I love many different artists and groups in that genre. So I thought, why not discuss my love for each of these groups and maybe get in interested in finding out more about them as well.

Now, before I get started, I just want to put an opinion out there. There is this controversy (which shouldn’t even be in existence) in the Kpop world that you cannot be a multi-fandom listener. Meaning you cannot claim to be in a fandom of more than one group/artist. Which is absolute bulls**t. You should be able to like and love and obsess over whatever group and however many groups you want. It is possible to spread your support and love for music across many different groups. Whoever tells you that you have to pick one and stick with it just hasn’t opened their eyes to all the possibilities and wonders of music that is out there yet.

Also, for “new to kpop” readers, here is some basic vocabulary for you before I start my post so you are not confused.

“Stan” is not just a song by Eminem, in the kpop world it means avid fan. So, for instance, if I stan a group, it means that I am an avid fan of that group. I follow them on social media, I keep up with recent events and most likely have purchased their entire discography.

“Bias” simply put is my favorite member of the group or favorite group overall. So if I say someone is my bias, that means they are my favorite group member. There is also variations of this term such as “ultimate bias” or “bias wrecker”. “Ultimate Bias” is your number one; all time favorite, no one can come before this person or group. “Bias wrecker” is the person that makes you question your loyalty to your bias.

So now that you are a little educated on the terminology, I’ll get into my Kpop groups that I stan, and I believe you should too.

BIGBANG is one of the most iconic groups in Kpop and one that every kpop fan should listen to and stan. They were so forward thinking during their debut and even after that it was hard to any other group to really compare. The group consisted of 5 members, Taeyang, G-Dragon, T.O.P., Daesung, and Seungri. My favorite song by this group is hands down “BANG BANG BANG” but their most recent song “Last Dance” is a close second. My bias in the group is T.O.P but my bias wrecker is G-Dragon.

EXO is another one of those iconic groups from the early 2010s that changed kpop in different ways than BIGBANG did. EXO was unique because when they first debuted they had 12 members and they were split into two subgroups; EXO-K and EXO-M. These different sub groups had different roles. EXO-K spoke Korean where as EXO-M spoke Mandarin. Obviously all 12 members spoke both languages but they did release each song in both languages with different vocals from each member of the group. However, over time EXO lost some members and they are currently at 9. (well technically 8 but I’m still holding out hope for Lay!) The current members consist of D.O., Chanyeol, Sehun, Suho, Chen, Xiumin, Baekhyun, and Kai (although Lay is another member..but its complicated). My bias used to be Lay, but now with the current members it is Baekhyun and my bias wrecker is Chanyeol.

BTS is the group that is taking over the kpop world as well as making their way into the music stream in the U.S. after their Billboard appearance. What I stan about BTS is their choreography and their catchy af songs. Not that the other groups I mention don’t have catchy songs, but BTS for some reason has that formula that they just get stuck in my head. The group consists of 7 members, Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook. My bias is hands down V (taehyung) and he’s probably my ultimate bias…but he does have competition to that which I will discuss later. My bias wrecker however is Suga (yoongi) purely for his savage personality.

iKon IS A GROUP YOU NEED TO STAN BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE THEY DON’T GET THE ATTENTION THEY DESERVE. Sorry, I feel very passionate about this one. iKon is one of those groups that have such great music, choreography, stage presence as well as group dynamic. They are one of the few groups that I can honestly say I Youtube deep dive with and end up watching funny moment compilations of at 2am. Seriously, go check them out if you don’t know who they are. Also they debuted on my birthday so I feel a strong connection to this group. 😉 There are 7 members, Bobby, B.I., Jay, Song, D.K., Ju-ne, and Chan. Although you might see some of the members referred to by different names (stage names but then there was a change, its complicated). My bias is Bobby (ji won) and he is the one that is in competition with V from BTS. But my bias wrecker is Jay (jin hwan).

So I am going to stop there for boy groups. Because I could probably list about 5 more, but those are the ones that I always find myself listening to the most and gravitating more to.

As far as girl groups go, I don’t really have that many that I stan. I have the legends 2ne1 but I don’t have a bias or a bias wrecker because it is just too hard to pick. I love them all! But recently I have been starting to stan BlackPink which is a fairly new girl group form YG Entertainment. Again, I don’t have a bias or bias wrecker for this group because I am fairly new to this group. But, regardless I highly suggest that you check them out if you are a fan of girl groups.

As for solo artists, I do have a few that I stan and have been for quite a while. The first being Jay Park, I don’t think there is much to say here other than you need to listen to him to understand. He’s originally from Seattle and is a Korean Hip Hop artist that started his own label called AOMG. Next would be Zico who is another solo artist who was previously in a group called Block-B. Although I am not a huge fan of Block-B’s music, I am a fan of Zico’s solo work. Finally, although I could pick more, Dean is my last solo artist that you will definitely need to check out. His voice is one that will melt millions!

I should probably stop there before this gets too out of hand. I hope you check these groups out if you are new to Kpop and don’t know who to look up first. Or if you are an avid kpop fan like I am and you are part of a multi-fandom like me and you stan any of the groups or artists that I mentioned above.

Please feel free to leave a comment below suggested more groups or artists you think I would like and I will be sure to check them out if I haven’t already!