Milwaukee Irish Fest 2016

It was a rainy, cold day…but Milwaukee Irish Fest was yet again another great day. Although I felt that the line up wasn’t as great as last year, Cherry and I still had a great time (even though we got rained on a few times).

Because of the rain, I didn’t take many live pictures, we did get to meet our friends in the Red Hot Chilli Pipers again. So here are some pictures (ones that turned out anyways) of us with the members of the Chilli Pipers.

There are more pictures with all the members, but the lighting was not on our side that night.

Selfies and Snowboards

So this weekend was a pretty great weekend. I had off of work on Friday and decided to take some selfies. I’m not one to take many selfies of myself, but on Friday I was having a good hair day, I played around with my makeup and actually liked it, so I decided to document that victorious moment.

The first one has no edits, 2&3 only have filters added and the last one was a filter and mirror effect. I’m not that skilled at photoshop to do any other type of editing. Also all pictures were edited on PicMonkey. All pictures taken on my Nikon D5300.

Then on Saturday I took Cherry snowboarding. It was her 20th birthday on Friday and I thought, what better way to bring in your 20s than to learn to snowboard! I booked a lesson with a wonderful teacher (i think her name was Jenny…not sure…i forgot) and we learned the basics.

After only falling a few times and catching on pretty quickly, according to our instructor, we decided to take a few runs down the hill before heading out for some lunch. Learning to snowboard (properly) was one of my favorite things to do. I snowboarded a few times when I was 15 but never actually learned techniques, so this was a real treat! I think Cherry and I can both agree that snowboarding will quickly become one of our newest favorite activities!

First picture stolen from Cherry’s instagram, 2&3 were taken on my iphone.

Home Pt. 2

As stated in my previous post, Snow Day. I stated that I would post some of my picture that I took of my farm in the winter. I kept my promise, so here it is.

camera used: Nikon D5200
Lens: 55mm

Stay Rad,

Snow Day

We recently had a snow storm. During the snow storm, I made a post about what to do on snowy days when you are stuck inside all day. You can read that post here.

Well today, I decided to go out in that snow and explore my farm as well as take some selfies. So here are some of the best ones. It was cold and windy, so my eyes watered and messed up my makeup a bit. But it was all in good fun.


After about 30 minutes of eye-watering and frozen fingers, I had to go inside and warm up. Best way to warm up after an outside wintery photo-shoot is to make some hot drink, turn on the fireplace and pop in a movie.

Blog post of the photos I took of the farm is coming in the next few days. Keep checking back for those!

Stay Rad,

Hands Like Houses — Dissonance Tour

Hands Like Houses – Headliner
I The Mighty
Too Close To Touch

The Rave/Eagles Ballroom
November 14, 2015


I The Mighty

I The Mighty


I The Mighty


Hands Like Houses


Hands Like Houses


Hands Like Houses


Trenton Woodley- Hands Like Houses


Ian Pedigo- I The Mighty


Brent Walsh- I The Mighty

**Apologies for not having pictures of Too Close To Touch and Brigades. The photos I did get of them were shit.**

**All photos taken on my cellular device**