Recent Music Purchases

The month of January meant the month to spend all of my gift card money on iTunes music purchases.

Here are all the purchases I made in the month of January. Some are new releases and some are older. Regardless, there is something about adding new music to my library that gets me all excited.

“Don’t Go” – Vacances (single)
This was a song that I had previously done a review for, I just never got around to buying it until this month. Highly suggest you go check it out as well as his music.

“Flicker” – Niall Horan (album)
Again, this is an album that I had been listening to nonstop on Spotify and mentioned in my favorite albums of 2017. But, it wasn’t until January when I finally took the plunge and bought it.

“Smile, and Wave” – SAINTE (album)
Mentioned before in my favorite albums of 2017, I loved this album and the whole return to music that Tay Jardine had after WATIC ended. An album that I was always meaning to buy but just got around to it now.

“Lower” – Amber x Luna (single)
This was actually a new release that I purchased right away after hearing it. I normally don’t buy a song or album right after its released unless its by a group or artists that I love. But, I made an exception for this song because its so catchy and both Amber and Luna’s voices sound beautiful.

“Welcome Back” – iKON (album)
I just recently got into iKON and the whole fandom surrounding them. So I went a a binge of their music and I can see how the whole fandom thinks they are under appreciated because they are.

“Harry Styles” – Harry Styles (album)
Again, an album that I had been listening to on Spotify since it released, but this is the first time I actually thought to buy it. Also, very happy I did because I am seeing him in concert this June.

“Birthday Gamble” – Jay Park (2 song single release)
I love everything Jay Park does, so naturally, when this released I got it as soon as I could.

As I always do, the songs and albums mentioned are linked so you can check out what I’m listening to and maybe purchase them yourselves.


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