Songs That Make Me

As we were coming into the new year, I became pretty nostalgic when it comes to music. Listening to songs that meant so much to me that I don’t necessarily listen to all the time. I realized that all these songs are ones that made a huge impact on my life in one way or another.

Each one of these songs brings back a specific memory in my mind that is filled with happiness. We all have them, and that is the beauty of music. It holds a special place in our hearts and holds the power to bring back happiness for just over 3 minutes.

Below are just a few of the songs that “made” me who I am today and hold a special place in my heart. Let me know what your songs are and maybe the story behind them.

  1. I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab for Cutie
  2. Vegas Skies – The Cab
  3. Fred Bear – Ted Nugent
  4. Jamie All Over – Mayday Parade
  5. Only One – Yellowcard

Most of these songs bring me back to a time with good friends. Yellowcard and Death Cab bring me back to a time when I was feeling super low but these songs and groups brought me out of a funk. Ted Nugent (random, I know) reminds me of my dad. Every morning when he would drop me off at my grandmother’s house we would listen to Fred Bear. It was just a happy way to start my mornings for over a year.

As always, the songs above are linked so you can give them a listen.


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