Top Albums of 2017

As the year comes to a close, its time to reflect on the great albums that were released this year. I feel as though 2017 was the year for a lot of my favorite groups to release new music and artists to make triumphant comebacks. How these albums are determined in my mind is not based off number of plays, but by how much I feel connected emotionally to the songs, the artist and the album as a whole.

Below is my list of favorite albums of the year, in order ending with my top pick, along with my favorite song(s) from the album.

Smile, and Wave – SAINTE
This was Tay Jardine’s (previously of WATIC) return to music. WATIC was one of the bands I always listened to every day. So, to hear about their split was a little disappointing to me since I was really enjoying their work. But I now see the members continuing on with music in their own ways and SAINTE is Tay Jardine’s new project and return to music. The vibe is different from WATIC but its still an EP that I’ve been enjoying and feel connected to in a different way than most music.
Released: June 30, 2017
Favorite song: “If You Ever Feel Alone”

Love Yourself: Her – BTS
Wait…what???? If anyone knows me personally, they will know that I’m listening to this album at least once every day (literally). So people would naturally expect this to be at the top of list. Although its a great album and its hard for me to pick a favorite song off the album I wouldn’t necessarily say its my favorite because I don’t feel emotionally connected to any of the songs. None of the songs moved me to the point where I felt it was relatable to some part of my life and experiences. But, its still one of my favorites because I do have it on repeat almost every day.
Released: September 18, 2017
Favorite Song(s): “GoGo” and “Best of Me”

Lovely Little Lonely – The Maine
The Maine is that band that I just lose myself in their music. Ever since middle school when I first heard them I just loved their music. Now especially since their work is more poetic and beautiful with a sense of sadness I just find them to be the best mood music when I’m feeling in a rut. This album, just like their previous ones, allows me to get lost in the melodies, lyrics and find deep connects to the songs. I do find it hard to pick a favorite song as well.
Released: April 7, 2017
Favorite Song: “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu”

Where the Mind Wants to Go/ Where You Let It Go – I The Mighty
This album is another one that I listen to every day at least once. But, unlike BTS, I feel more connected emotionally to this album. I The Mighty really came out of nowhere for me with this album. I was anticipating it all year, but wasn’t expecting it to sound like how it does. There are elements that remind me of early 2000s pop punk but then there are elements that remind me of modern alternative. All together creating this mysterious and haunting essence throughout the album.
Released: October 20, 2017
Favorite Song(s): “Pet Names” and “Escapism”

After Laughter – Paramore
This album is one that baffles me. I never expected to understand an album as much as I do this one. Yes, I have always been a Paramore fan and I was really excited for this release. But once it was out I remember feeling overwhelmed with emotions while listening to it in the car on my way to work. For some strange reason I understood everything Hayley was expressing in the lyrics because I had experienced them as well. Not just me, a lot of people I feel can relate to this album or at least a song off the album because its so raw. We’ve all felt like giving up, we’ve all had self-doubt, we’ve all felt lost and we’ve all lost friends and made new ones. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and it has it’s great moments and awful moments and this album really expresses them in the realist way.
Released: May 12, 2017
Favorite Song(s): “Forgiveness” , “Fake Happy” , “Tell Me How”


Of course there are more albums that have been released this year that I’ve been listening to nonstop, but like I said, these are the ones that made the top of my list for one reason or another. And as this year comes to a close, I look forward to new releases in 2018, so stay tuned in for my most anticipated of 2018.


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