Sages Interview

Sages is a Rock band from Sacramento, California who pulls inspiration from legends like Metallica, Deftones, and more. Their current single, “Matter of Time” is out right now, and I had the opportunity to chat with member Dino about the song and what’s in store for Sages’ future.

What is the song, “Matter of Time” all about?

It’s inspired by what is going on today. There has been a lot of truths coming out lately and a lot of people are waking up to these truths. I’ve just noticed that people, myself included, are picking up on all of it as well. And it’s only a matter of time until sh*t goes down, basically.

Do you do most of the writing or is it more of a collaboration with all the members?

I did most of the writing in the first couple of years. But “Matter of Time” and a few songs before that have all been collaborative efforts.

Will we be seeing these songs on an EP or full length soon?

We are actually going out to Vegas on the first of next month to work on a few songs. And hopefully putting out an EP in the first quarter of next year.

The song “Matter of Time” is being played in fitness gyms throughout November and December, how did that transpire?

I’m not sure. Our publicist, he just hit us up one day and said “Good News!” and it’s being featured in like 4,000 gyms across the country. I have no clue how he landed that but we are all pretty stoked about it.

Tell me about the music video, who directed it and where was it shot?

We shot the music video in our rehearsal studio. My buddy, Kelly Smith, who is a jack of all trades and does everything, just came out and did it himself. His production company, Eye45 Productions, produced it and we had some lights and fog machines and it was super gnarly. It was in the middle of summer and there was no AC in there, it was a crazy experience. We did it in a day and it was pretty cool.

I see you’re doing a lot of one off shows here and there, are there any plans for a tour?

Oh yea! I can’t say right now exactly what is in store. But it is pretty massive and the tentative plans we have right now looks like end of April/May we will be out on tour. We are kind of prepping right now to get all this wrapped up and done by spring time and hopefully be out on tour.

If you could craft the perfect tour line up, who would be on the list?

Oh gosh! For me personally, and I say it all the time, definitely Metallica and definitely the Deftones. Right now, a band that I’ve been listening to forever would be Story of the Year. They are about to drop a new record and I’ve been listening to some of their stuff and all their singles they’ve been dropping are awesome! But 30 Seconds to Mars would be cool too, and Periphery.

Do you believe that it’s important to listen to different genres of music to absorb different technics or should someone just stick to one lane?

I think its absolutely, for me, a better situation to take inspiration from all angles. There are certain progressions in our music that are pulled from inspirations from all over. I can take stuff from meditation music and jazz fusion music and make it something that is Sages. But definitely, being diverse in that helps you grow as a musician.

You signed to We Keep Rocking Productions, how did you land that deal?

The owner of the company is out of Sacramento area and he was at a Sages show. He really like the band and we were talking for a year and a half. We kind of lost touch a little bit from being busy on both ends. But some time later we got back in touch and we signed with him and we are all really excited to see what will happen. There are a lot of really cool things in store and I wish I could just spill the beans but I can’t! A typical story, but really cool and we are excited to be working with Rob Snyder.

What is the plan right now other than going to Vegas to record?

Basically we are just working on new songs. We do have one show before the end of the year. But we are just preparing to hit the ground running after the start of the year.

What is something you’ve learned since starting your journey in music?

After being about knee deep in the industry for about 12 years, I’ve learned a lot of things. But one thing is that I’ve learned is that yes there is a lot of bullsh*t, but there is the flip side that is true. There are genuinely good people who care about you and your band and who are here to help you. Not only to help make money, but they are there to help inspire people too. There is a lot of music that is manufactured to sell and not inspire, and its just soul crushing. But a lot of artists don’t care, they’re like just put us on tour. There’s a lot of bad people and there’s a lot of good people out there too.


You can listen to Sages’ song “Matter of Time” here.

Be sure to follow Sages on their social media platforms below.


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