The Truth About Music Stereotypes

Just like with any aspect of life, music brings out some stereotypes that are simply ridiculous. What is a music stereotype? A music stereotype is a stipulation or an assumption of a person’s character or personality based off the music that they listen to.

Yes, music is an expression of who we are and should mirror our character and personality, but it does not define who we are. And vice versa, who we are doesn’t necessarily determine what music genre we are fans of. I have compiled a list of music stereotypes and my reasoning as to why they are not true.

All metal heads are satanists.
It has always been a misconception that people who listen to metal worship the devil. This is a misconception that I have wanted to debunk for a long time. Metal music does not have devil worshiping rituals in their lyrics nor does it have any subliminal messaging. In fact, there are many metal heads that attend church on a weekly basis. Most of the metal heads that I’ve met throughout my life are some of the kindest and smartest individuals. And to flip it over to the other side of this stereotype, not all satanists listen to metal music. They could listen to Pop music for all you know.

Christians only list to K-Love Radio and Church Hymns.
Just because of someones religious views, doesn’t make them the type of person who only listens to Christian Radio or Church hymns all day long. Most Christians (in fact probably 98 % of them) listen to your Top 40 radio, Rap, Rock, etc and you wouldn’t even know it. Just because someone believes in God and practices the faith weekly doesn’t mean they listen to worship music 24/7.

Rap fans are criminals and have short tempers.
Rap fans tend to get a bad reputation for having short tempers, getting into fights, hanging out in dingy places and for being straight up criminals. This is brought on by the image that is portrayed by the rap artists by the media. People who are fans of rap music are fans of the beat and for the most part, rap music tells a story and the fans like to hear that type of story. Even if the story is about something negative, the artist themselves are not telling the person to go rob a bank. And there is no evidence stating that listening to rap music will turn you to a life of crime; thats all in the upbringing and the mental chemistry of a person.

All pop fans are crazy fangirls.
Let set the record straight on what a crazy fangirl is. To me, a crazy fangirl is someone who goes above and beyond to get closer to their favorite artist. They obsess over them so much that it turns into stalking the artist (which is never okay). But, being a fan of someone and being a huge fan of someone is not being a crazy fangirl. AND you are not a crazy fangirl just because you like One Direction. I love pop music. Its music that I listen to when I want a fix of something sweet musically. And yes, I do follow pop artists on social media and see them in concert but I am not a crazy fangirl. Nor are half the people you are claiming to be crazy fangirls. They are just fans who love the music. Just don’t stalk people…please!

Classical and Opera fans are old snobs. 
Really? I’m a fan of classical music because it helps me focus and relax. I wrote a whole post on the benefits of classical music and mental performance. But that does not make me a snob, nor does knowing the theory behind the classical music make me a snob. What would make someone a snob by listening to this music would be if they told you flat out that your music sucks because its not written by Bach.

Country fans are uneducated hillbillies.
Now I grew up in the definition of a hick town where 99.9% of the people lived and breathed country music and rode their tractors to school (this is not a joke it really did happen). But these people were not uneducated. Not all country music fans talk like the Clampett family. In fact, there isn’t one genre of music that can make someone uneducated, educated, christian, non christian, criminal or perfect record. All of that is based off your upbringing, who you choose to surround yourself with and how you carry yourself.

All music does is express how we are feeling in that moment in time. It sets the tone, mood, atmosphere of where we are and not one person listens to solely one genre of music. I listen to multiple genres of music and I feel like that is because I want music to match my mood and listening to strictly one genre is not going to do that.

Don’t judge a person based off their music preferences and don’t base someone’s music preference off their appearance. Except each other who they are as a person and drop the music stereotypes. If there are any music stereotypes that you want to crush just leave them in the comments.



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