Disappear | Silk Cinema

Silk Cinema is a London based electronic pop duo who describes themselves as “Sade in Space” and they are currently promoting their new single, “Disappear.”

First listen, the song is definitely an electronic pop song. Its got a mellow ambiance to it with a beautiful vocal that floats over the top of the synths. The ‘clap’ effect really sets the beat and pulls everything together to keep it all in line.

I wouldn’t go into this single thinking its going to be some EDM, house music song. Go into thinking a relaxing electronic song that can tell a story and express a certain emotion.

The airy breakdowns were perfectly placed to break up the repetitive beat that lays underneath the melody. I can see this being a soundtrack to a montage travel video that you see on YouTube.

Not my typical cup of tea, but Silk Cinema has composed a beautiful song that could easily be liked by any music lover. However, I do highly suggest Silk Cinema for anyone who is into electronic pop because they would be right up your alley without being a carbon copy of everyone else in that genre.

You can listen to “Disappear” on Silk Cinema’s SoundCloud.
And you can follow them on their social media sites linked below.

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram as ohstefne.


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