Stay Away | Boy Hero

I always get excited when an unsigned band releases new music, especially a band as good as Boy Hero. They are a group to definitely keep on eye on.

In the past I’ve reviewed their EP “Boy Hero” which you can check out as well. Recently Boy Hero has been releasing songs over the past month and its getting me excited for the release of their upcoming EP.

Their single “Last One” was released for Halloween and now they are back with an acoustic song “Stay Away” and a beautiful video to match. Dan’s voice has always been a unique one that I’ve enjoyed listening to and this acoustic song really emphasizes the vulnerability in his voice.

If you are a fan of alternative or even pop punk bands, please check out Boy Hero. But for now, check out their new song because it is definitely one that will be on repeat for me.

Stay Away Video


*Disclaimer. All Reviews are my opinion and interpretation of the songs/album. You might think differently. Please be respectful.


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