Music to Help You Focus

Whether you are a student in high school or university, or working a desk job, we all need something to help us focus on the task at hand. Listening to music can help anyone focus and adds a bit of background noise while we work to break the silence. But, listening to certain genres of music can help your brain be more productive as well as help retain information.

The most obvious choice is to listen to classical or instrumental music. This music has no words, therefore there won’t be the worry of typing the lyrics of the song your listening to into your term paper or research report. Classical music has also been known to help the mind focus and retain memory. Because of its peaceful and harmonious sound, instrumental and classical music will help the mind relax from any worries that are running through it during the day to make studying easier.

Studies have also shown that Mozart in particular is the best to listen to when studying because it his music helps with overall improvement in mental performance. They call this the “Mozart Effect.” Check out my favorite classical playlists on Spotify that I have found to help me be more productive.

Another option, if you’re not into classical music, can be ambient music. This is more of a modern twist on classical. Its still instrumental to take away the lyrical distractions but the sound is more modern and sets an ambiance.

Finally, if you are not a classical or ambient music type of person, listening to nature sounds is another great option for staying of track during studying or work. Putting on a playlist of sounds mimicking the ocean, or birds chirping can not only create the sense that you’re outside in a peaceful environment, but it also breaks the background silence without breaking your focus. My favorite playlist for nature sounds on Spotify can be found here to give you some ideas.

Listening to top 40 songs or any songs with lyrics in them can not only throw you off track because your mind is trying to focus on the words of the song, but you might find your productivity will decrease. I tend to find myself listening to my iTunes or Spotify while I work and end up spending more time singing along or going back to skip songs because I don’t want to listen to them.

But when I listen to classical playlists I find I get more work done during the day as well as being in a better mind set throughout the day because of the relaxing atmosphere it sets while I work.

Although this might not be for everyone, but if you are finding it hard to focus or get work done, its worth a try.


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