“The Lesser Key” | Corrington Wheeler Song Review

I’m excited to bring back the music reviews with a rock artist, and one I’ve reviewed for in the past. Corrington Wheeler has released a new song called “The Lesser Key” featuring Jeremy Gilmore of Sycamour and its one that reminds me of why rock music is my favorite.

The song comes in like someone turning up the volume slowly until its at full volume with the heavy guitar and drums. This type of introduction usually sets the tone for the remainder of the song, and for the most part the vocal line is pretty straight forward and standard for this genre.

Vocally, the song stays pretty consistent with a simple melody for listeners to catch on to and be singing by the final chorus. This easy to memorize melody is, what I believe to be, very critical to listeners. If a song is easy to sing along to and sticks in my head after its done playing, then its a song I’m going to revisit later. Catchy rhythms and melodies are what hook a listener when introducing them to a new artist or sound.

However, even though I liked the simple melody there were areas that seemed a bit off to me. I feel as though Wheeler was trying to add some stylistics to the end of some phrases and they just didn’t hit the mark to me.

Instrumentally, its a solid rock song. The drums and guitars are very similar to most rock beats and melodies you hear today, and there is nothing wrong with that. Even though it was sticking true to the genre, I did love the solo bass drum beat. I’m a sucker for some that feature just vocals and a simple quarter note bass drum beat. I feel like those moments of a song you can really capture the audience and the listener both live and on a studio recording. I would have liked for that part to be a tad longer or emphasized more to really have it stand out.

The music video is what I believe tied this whole song together. The video shows you a side to Corrington that most people don’t get to see and brings the audience into a glimpse of his life. Wheeler shows us his interests, hobbies, and takes us on adventures with him and his friends throughout the video and it makes you feel closer to him in a way. While watching the video I found myself saying “that looks cool” or “I wanna try that” which helps the audience and listener relate to the artist more.

Overall, Corrington Wheeler doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the music he sends me and I always look forward to hearing more from him and seeing his growth.

You can watch Corrington Wheeler’s video for “The Lesser Key” here.

More of Corrington Wheeler’s music can be found on:
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