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Boy Hero, a post-hardcore band from LA, just released their first self-titled EP today (August 9, 2016). The group consisting of the members Dan Rudd (vocals), Ben Illies (guitar), Eric Bensen (guitar), Topher Vallez (Bass), and Brennen O’Malley (drums) are an emerging band you need to know native to Minnesota and Los Angeles, California.

After following this group for just about a year, I was anxious for a collection of their works. The EP is a great introduction to the band and what they are all about. The songs flow together effortlessly telling stories and experiences of their lives. Dan, previously of This Is Breathing, has an infectious vocal that draws the listener into the lyrics. Back that up with the skilled guitar of Ben and Eric and you have a well written song.

With this being their first EP, I was expecting a little less of production value to be completely honest. But while listening to this the first time through the production value is high quality and its almost hard to believe that this is an independent release. You know that whomever was working the production and engineering of this EP was skilled and knew what they were doing.

As far as songs go, my favorite is “White Knights” which was their first audio single released in 2015. The chorus is one that sticks in my head for hours with a driving instrumental introduction that really sets the mood for the song and a melody that is easy to pick up and just flat out fun to sing. Lyrically, I feel that it is a song is one many can relate to. Highly recommend this song; great introduction to the band as well.

For all my Issues fans, I suggest you check out Boy Hero’s song “Desperate.” Tyler Carter, vocalist for Issues, makes an appearance on the track. Asking Tyler to sing on this particular track I believe was a smart move. Not only will that bring Issues fans to their band, but Tyler’s vocals fit the track perfectly and his feature is the right amount of airtime. I feel sometimes bands get too caught up in getting a bigger name on their track that they give them too much vocal time. This can outshine your band and draw the focus onto the feature artist and not your band.

Overall, a great first release by Boy Hero. The EP is a great blend showcasing their talents and establishing their place in this industry. I have a feeling that we are only going to see more growth and progress from this group. You can get their self-titled EP on iTunes and you can check out their music video for “Rebel Flesh” on their YouTube channel.

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