A Single Loose Knot

Eyes open,
a pitch black scene
trying to move, but go no where

Panic, fear

They consume the body
filling it like a new supply of blood
palms sweaty,
heart racing

No escape.

Hours of waiting,
my body gets irritated

Rage, anger

They start to surface
arms tugging, pulling at the ropes
legs kicking, teeth biting,
trying to break free
A single loose knot,
the ropes unravel

Freedom? Not quite.

Still caged in,
like an animal
a chair thrown at the only window
screams, shouts
broken objects scatter across the cement floor.

My knuckles painted with red,
fingernails are now only half their original size
I scratch at the walls,
trying to dig a way out; like a dog.

My escape tunnel
is closing,


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