Exercise or Watch TV?

Lately I’ve been feeling sluggish and tired, even though I’m getting the allotted amount of sleep for a person my age, and I wonder why. Why and I sleepy when I got 8 hours of sleep? Why am I feeling this sluggish and lazy? I haven’t done anything to be this exhausted…which brings me to researching on the internet. Each time it tells me the same thing–exercise.

So I then have the extreme motivation to work out. I look online for beginner videos and simple at home work outs with little to no equipment. I stay consistent for about a week and then after I have that first rest day I find myself saying, “oh that was nice to rest, I should rest again because I’m feeling really sore, it’ll be fine!” And then I never work out again.

Although I like how I feel when I exercise, I just don’t have the motivation to continue working out at home. I hit that first rest day and I enjoy lounging too much that everyday following becomes “rest day.” So what do I do? The logical answer would be to stop working out in the comfort of my own home and invest in a gym membership. Easy.

But gym memberships cost money and the questions arise. Will I be able to afford a monthly membership or even an annual membership? What if I don’t go to the gym enough to make the money worth it? What if I get caught in a membership contract and I’m wasting money because I can’t cancel it? And of course the underlining fear of being judged at the gym. The financial and the confidence issues are whats stopping me from taking the plunge and going to the gym. So I’m stuck at the fork in the road.

Until recently I brought this situation to a friend of mine (whose a personal trainer) and he asked me if I even tried touring a gym or checking one out to see if I would like it. I never did, I just ruled it out completely. He gave me some advise, things to look for, questions to ask on my tour to make sure its the right fit for me.

So here is some advise that I am following and hopefully, if you are in the same boat as me, can follow the same advise.

  1. Research gyms in your area. Fully read and browse their website and write down the pros and cons of each gym that you research.
  2. Take your top 3 gyms (the ones with the most pros) and schedule a time to tour the facility. Most gyms do free tours with no membership sign up immediately after, they allow you to think about it and come back to sign up.
  3. Ask questions based on your needs. If you need a place that is open 24 hours to fit your schedule, make sure it accommodates that, if you need a staff to help you come up with a fitness plan or if you need a trainer. Finally ask membership price, if money is a concern you will want a gym that fits your budget.
  4. See if there is a trial period available. Some gyms offer free, or low rate trail periods so you can try out the equipment and vibe of the gym first hand. It might be best to take the trial period before making a commitment.
  5. Ask for a month to month membership. These memberships are easier to cancel at any time if you feel you need to switch gyms or you just don’t like the gym life.

Overall, its worth a shot to try a gym. If I am paying money to have membership I might me more inclined to go exercise. So this is my hunt to find a gym that I like and that fits all the needs that I want in order to feel comfortable. So far I’ve found a few gyms that I want to tour and I’m working on setting up a schedule. Here’s hoping this all works out and I find a method that get me motivated!

Stay rad,

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