Donut Soup Album Review

“Donut Soup” is a Hip-Hop, R&B mixtape that comes out today, January 12th, by artist Frobeats. I was lucky enough to be able to listen to the album before its release and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this album.

The best quality that this album has is the flow and the consistency throughout the songs. While listening to the album as a whole you can tell that they were all made by the same creator. They worked together which made listening to the album pleasing to the ear.

One of my favorite, instrumentally, would be “All Broke Down.” The song is a very eerie, haunting tone to it. While listening to it I couldn’t help but picture myself in a dark situation by myself with multiple ‘worse-case-scenerios’ running through my head. I think with the right lyricist, this beat could support a very powerful song.

Other tracks that I really enjoyed were more upbeat like, “Donut Lives Matter,” “Get Out And Get Something” and “Donut Wars.” If I would suggest to listen to any songs off this track it would be those previously listed as well as “All Broke Down.”

Unfortunately, I do have some criticism for this album. Although “All Broke Down” was my favorite track, I found myself very annoyed with the repetition of “FroBeats” throughout the song. This was a common occurrence throughout the songs. The artist’s name was repeated multiple times during his songs and I found that very distracting at times when I was trying to listen to the work. The people buying your work already know your name, there is no need to repeat it 20 times in a song.

Other than that, I thought that “Donut Soup” was a solid beat tape. I could definitely sense the influences of Dr. Dre, J Dilla and Madlib throughout this piece of work. I honestly feel that if FroBeats were to team up with a great lyricist, he could have a handful of great songs from the tracks provided on this beat tape.

The repetition of the name “FroBeats” was just used for security reasons for reviews. The actual release of the album does not have the name repeated. 🙂

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