Netflix and Chill

Living in Wisconsin, a.k.a the Frozen Tundra of America, we tend to have snow days..often. This year has been a bit out of the ordinary with our winter because today we hare officially having our first snow storm.

Because its been snowing all day and there is a chance (high chance) of freezing rain, I have been called off of work and now I sit wondering what to do with my day. I don’t have to work, I’m on break from school, I did all my cleaning yesterday…so now what?

This is a problem that I generally have on snow days. What do you do? So here are some activities that I find myself doing when its literally painful to walk outside. *I went out this morning and because its freezing rain/snow when it hits your face its literally painful*

Netflix and Chill but no…really. Just put on some Netflix and curl up in your favorite onesie and blanket and just chill..literally. Trust me, no one is going to be coming over to do “Netflix and Chill” so put on a new TV series or a movie and just relax. Before you now it, its 10pm and you’ve waisted your entire day brainlessly watching and entire 9 season run of TV series.

Read a book. Make some tea (or coffee or hot cocoa..whatever you please) and put on those fuzzy socks and curl up with a book. When the TV or computer screen become too harsh on my eyes, grabbing a new book off the shelf is something that passes the time on snowy days. Even if you are not an avid reader, just grab a book and start reading. If you don’t like it, put it down and try a different one. You never know, you might end up getting lost in it.

Coloring books. Sometimes snow days remind me of my youth and my artistic side comes out like a mad-man. I’ve spent days like this when I was younger, just coloring. I would go through an entire coloring book in a day sometimes. You can get out any coloring book you have or you can get those really nice adult ones and just focus on that. Its very relaxing and a great way to pass time while having fun.

Go through your junk. With the busyness of life, we sometimes don’t get the chance to go through all our junk and clean out the clutter. Now is a perfect time to do this! With a snow day, you’re not going to do anything and if you are a person that needs to stay active throughout the day, pick a room, grab a box and go through everything and if you don’t need it or if you never will use it again, get rid of it. This is not only clear out clutter thats been laying around, but it gives room for the gifts that you received during the holidays.

Bake/cook/eat. If you are one that is handy in the kitchen, this is the perfect opportunity to bake some delicious treats for the household, family, friends, pets, you name it! You can also cook up some of those amazing meals that you see on Pinterest, if you are more of a cook instead of baker. If you are neither of these, you can just enjoy the food that is readily available in your house! This is the option that I choose daily…the left over Olive Garden is calling my name right now.

These are just some activities that I do when I’m stuck in the house for the day and need to stay productive. Some days I just stick to Netflix, while others I do a mixture of all of these options. Depending on the weather, the mood and how much ambition I have, determines what I do.

Enjoy the snow day.

Stay rad,


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