Count Morris– 2 Song Review

Count Morris is a developing Hip Hop artist from Waterbury, CT and Orlando, FL. He has been making beats and has sent in some instrumental tracks for me to review for him. The first one being “Militia” and right off the bat it has this nice easy listening beat that can easily house a great lyric over the top. This simple beat can be used for the verses of the song; I can imagine either a fast rap or mid-tempo rap over the top of it, something with a deep lyrical meaning as well.

But the beat was then broken up by a snake charmer like melody that could easily be the part of the song that breaks into the chorus. With a mid to fast tempo lyric in the verses, you could slow down the tempo of the chorus to fit this part of the song. The beat then goes back to the original ‘A’ section of the song.

Overall, I think this is a very well put together ‘A, B, A’ format beat that could very well be put with lyrics. If Count Morris found a great lyricist, he could really have a hit on his hands with this one.

The second song is called “Life Through The Lens.” It starts off with a great electronic cymbal roll feel that almost reminds me of Chinese traditional music. Again, with the lower tempo in the beginning of this song, I can see a nice mid tempo lyric over the top. The waterfall like runs in his beats with this song is very enticing and makes you perk up an eyebrow when you hear it.

However, this beat has a more complex format to it. Unlike, “Militia” that was a standard ‘A, B, A’ format, this one has ‘C’ sections as well as modified A and B sections to it. This could be harder to put to lyrics, but again, if he found the right lyricist he could make this into a great song.

Overall, I liked both songs and I think that they both have great potential to be amazing hits if the right lyrics were put to them. If I had to choose one to listen to on a regular basis it would be “Militia” because I just loved the vibe it was giving off and if there was a powerful lyric to it I think it would be a knock out of a song!

If you want to know more about Count Morris please go check him out on social media!

Instagram: @CountMorrisMusic


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