“Rose” by Callie Miller – Song Review

“Rose” by Callie Miller is the perfect rainy day type of song. It starts with a very simplistic guitar pluck that draws you in close to your cup of hot chocolate. Mix that with a beautiful voice that shows moments of vulnerability, really rounds out the over all feel of the song.

The verses flow well from one to another telling a story, and the simple guitar underneath makes you focus on the message of the song, which was a perfect touch. This type of lyric and vocal needs to be the focus of the song instead of the instrumental.

To add dimension and dynamics to the song, Callie cut guitar at one point and just backed by a single beat. She also incorporated vocal dynamics, being soft and gentle on the more intimate moments of the song and load and strong on the points that needed more emphasis.

My only complaint with this song is that during the middle there seemed to be a timing issue, but within a beat or two and was back on track and the song continued in its smooth melodic way.

I would highly suggest that you check out Callie Miller’s music and give the song “Rose” a listen. If you are looking for a nice, gentle, love song to cozy up to on a rainy day; this is your song!


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