“Brutality” by Joinvil Joseph – Song Review

Joinvil Joseph is a Hip-Hop artist from Fort St. Luice, FL and is definitely one that fans should keep an eye on. His single “Brutality” is a song that will stick with the listeners after they first hear it.

The track starts with an enticing beat that grabs your attention and drags you into the music. It has a bit of a haunting, eerie feel to it as well that fits well with the message of the lyrics.

Specific words and phrases that needed emphasis are well expressed with the rests in instrumentals as well as certain lyrics landing on the accented beats. This type of technic really pulls the song together and gives it a nice clean flow.

In this song, Joinvil expresses his views on the current events of police brutality in a way that makes you really sit down and listen to what he has to say.

My only complaint with this song is that the vocal was not clear enough for me. I understand the style and vibe that Joinvil was trying to capture, but it did prove difficult at certain points of the song to understand what he was saying.

Regardless, Joinvil tells a powerful story with “Brutality” and I can only see more powerful messages coming from him in the future.

You can listen to Joinvil Joseph’s song on his website.


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