V1BE 2 Song Review

Recently I have received a few emails to listen and give a review (optional) of two songs that are by a group called V1BE. Now, obviously, I was not the only one chosen for this. There are plenty of other people that this email was sent to, and both of the songs are already available for download on iTunes and stream on Soundcloud. But I thought that I would give them a listen and a quick review of the songs on here. I mean, you got a blog, might as well use it for something right?

The first song: “Dream Out Loud” starts with a very classic, old school vibe with an easy listening piano intro and a hotel lounge type vocal. After a preview of the chorus, the upbeat tempo kicks in and it brings us to the 21st century with another chorus repeat.

At first I thought this was going to be a song that was filled with this smooth, classic vocal, and then the verse breaks out into a rap. I think that this is a genius move, and the start of a trend in music, that has a vocal/rap duo to cater to all different types of music listeners.

The song ends with this guitar solo that is very reminiscent of a 70s rock song with a more modern edge. I really like how this song was put together. It had you thinking one thing in the beginning, only to be taken a different direction. Then once you think you had it figured out, it took another direction. I feel that is an important aspect in music today, to always keep your listeners on their toes.

Overall, I would purchase this song on iTunes and I feel it would make for a great summertime, driving with the top down, song.

The second song “Plastic Dolls” has a different feel than “Dream Out Loud.” When the song started out I was instantly taken back to a roller rink in the 70s. This is a song that I can feel being in the movie Rollbounce. If you haven’t seen that movie, go check it out.

Where the first song had the feel of a hotel lounge singer meets modern rap, this song takes you to a disco party. It has elements of brass instruments, with a hint of a trumpet, and that driving disco drumbeat that makes you want to get up and dance.

Again, with the mixture of vocals and rap, this song is a great reinvention of oldies that is brought into the 21st century. I think that this song is another great summertime hit that goes back to our roots of popular music.

Overall, I would definitely purchase this song on iTunes and again, its another great summertime song.

My favorite of the two, although I enjoyed both, would be “Plastic Dolls.”

Again, you can purchase both of these songs on iTunes and Pre-order their album “Two Brothers” which is set to release October 16, 2015!

If you like their music, follow them on Twitter for more updates!
V1BE Twitter


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