Why DIY When You Can Buy?

The beauty about going to craft fairs is that you can buy items that have been on your DIY Craft Board on Pinterest for months but never got around to actually making any.

This past weekend my dinky little town had their annual craft fair called ‘Art on the Marsh’ where local artists come and sell their works and the school band and choir have their ‘bought in a store but put in a tupperware container and sell it as homemade’ bar sale. The booster club also has a raffle and other great grilled foods to indulge.

I go every year with my mom and aunts, but this year I went with one of my best friends and cousin, Cherry. I went there with the intention to just look around and not buy anything but maybe a brownie from the bake sale, but then I came across some very cute Halloween decorations.

These hand-painted ceramic decorations were too adorable to pass up and they were so incredibly detailed I needed to get my hands on them. Cherry and I both got matching pumpkins, but then I also got Frankenstein and the Grim Reaper because that’s just who I am.

Still trying to find a perfect spot for these lovelies in my room, but until then…they rest comfortably on my bookshelf.


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